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In times of austerity, it is important to save, especially when it comes to celebrations. You already have the menu and the snacks, but now the question arises: what types of drinks should I buy and in what quantities? Liquor is a key element in any type of event, whether it is a celebration, a wedding, a birthday or a fair. It is essential to buy enough so that the guests can enjoy the party without shortages or overdrinks. To achieve this, there are several factors that we must consider.

The first factor is the number and type of guests. It is not only relevant to know the number of people, but also their profile, including age, nationality, occupation and alcohol consumption habits. With this information, we can determine what type of liquor we should offer in greater quantities. For example, at an event with 100 people, where 60% of the guests are over 50 years old, we should buy more wine and whiskey than other types of liquor. On the other hand, if guests are younger, a cocktail bar is a good option to cut back on wine and whiskey and perhaps pair other drinks. Additionally, it is important to take into account the nationality of the guests; If there are Colombian guests, brandy and rum are essential.

The second point is the place, the type of event and the time. This will determine what type of drink will be most popular. In warm places, refreshing drinks such as margaritas, white wine , tropical fruit cocktails and beer are welcome. On the other hand, in cold places, whiskey is usually a favorite. Additionally, the time of the event is also important; For a business breakfast, digestifs, cocktails such as Aperol Spritz and coffees with liqueur are an excellent option.

The third factor is the duration of the event. Calculating the liquor for a business cocktail that lasts two hours is not the same as for a social party that lasts more than five hours. In a social event lasting more than five hours, where there are more young people and drinkers, it can be estimated that a person will have four to five drinks on average. For a two-hour cocktail party, two drinks or two glasses per person can be calculated. Keep in mind that a 750ml bottle of wine produces between 5 to 7 glasses depending on the dosage, a 700ml bottle of liquor produces 18 to 21 drinks, and a liter produces 25 to 28 drinks.

The fourth item is trends. Fashions are always constantly changing, so it is advisable to listen to the advice of a bartender, a planner or a good liquor sales advisor to know what your audience likes the most. For example, a few years ago, gin and tonic bars were a classic, but in 2023, margarita cocktails and mimosas at weddings are a hit.

The fifth factor is the choice of liquor supplier. Look for a supplier that not only offers competitive prices, but also sells 100% legal liquor on consignment or at least a percentage. This will help you adjust your budget and avoid worries or increases in the value of your celebration.

Do a test: just as we test a menu for your guests, take the time to select your drinks and make all the changes in terms of presentation, size and flavor. Dare to make creative combinations that surprise your guests.

Combine quality of liquor : for example, you can buy 2 types of whiskey , one of better quality than the other, start by offering the best quality, it is an excellent tip to save money, at the end of the party, very few will notice the difference.

We hope that these tips help you calculate your liquor for your next events and if you need professional advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We are experts in celebrations where liquor is the protagonist.

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