Thousand Demons Brandy Bottle - 700ml

Aguardiente Mil Demonios

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Aguardiente Mil Demonios is a traditional triple distilled liquor from Colombia with an alcohol content of 29%. It is known for its flavor and distinctive white color with citrus and herbal notes. It is the only Ultra Premium spirit. In this drink, the tradition and flavor of Colombian culture merge with a modern and daring touch that is reflected in its name and label. Discover more about Aguardiente Mil Demonios, its history and its production process in Colombia.

Mil demons is the only Colombian spirit to win 2 silver medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018, one for packaging design and another for liquid in the “Guaro Spirits” (Rhum Agricole) category. This competition is one of the most recognized in the world, where a blind tasting jury tests and rates the liquids. We are the first ultra-Premium artisanal spirit in Colombia since 2017.

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